The Screenshot Gallery is the place for everyone & anyone to share their shining moments (please request for refund from supplier if they are not shining).

Feel free to post Screenshots of anysort - be it one that boasts your DPS, or one that shows you rolling down the stairs. Just please keep everything civil & let them be non-offensive!

Screenshot Gallery ( Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge )

Steps to adding a Screenshot:

1.) Click on "Add a Photo to this Gallery" button at the bottom of the page

2.) After the Gallery Window appeared, scroll to the bottom of the Gallery

3.) Click on the vacant box to add a photo.

4.) Click on “Upload” to upload a photo directly from your computer.

5.) If you wish to add a caption, mouse over your uploaded photo and select “modify” (top right)

6.) Have Fun and Enjoy!

7.) ...

8.) PROFIT!!!